Kim Jones is addicted to travel. His departure from Louis Vuitton to pastures new was always going to happen. His professional destination—the subject of much rumor—remains a secret for now, but it’s not quite wheels up yet. Jones will present his 14th and final show for the house tomorrow in what will be a celebratory farewell. Before he goes, here are five of our favorite looks from key show stopovers during Jones’s stint as Louis Vuitton’s menswear pilot, alongside five of his most newsworthy moments.

lv spring 2012

The Look: Spring 2012, Exit 20

Jones’s June 2011 debut demonstrated that this was a designer who could a) deliver gently casualized tailoring and outerwear that would kick ass in an haute executive/millionaire-of-taste context, b) articulate it in a manner that stood convincingly alongside the extraordinary shows being produced by Marc Jacobs and his team in the Louis Vuitton womenswear studio, and c) make it personal but not ego-trippy. The insertion of Masai shuka checks was a nod to his own upbringing in Kenya and hint at the peripatetic Jones formula to come. —Luke Leitch

lv spring 2012

The Moment: Chokers for Dudes Become a Brand Signature

From Jones’s debut in Spring 2012 all the way through to his Spring 2018 collection, he’s remained staunchly committed to a piece of adornment around his models’ necks, whether it’s a red band or a silver chain. This trend might not have caught on with the general male population, but you have to commend the consistency. —Steff Yotka

lv fall 2012

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