Searching for an in vogue yet practical handbag that truly emerges from the crowd?

A very viable and elegant, subtle yet striking, imaginative and pined for statement bag is here which has been designed by the incredibly famous Michael Kors.

Everything began in a market during an occasion in Corsica. Michael stumbled over a practical yet timeless basket design and knew at a glance that it would be a part of the Michael Kors Collection.

“There’s nothing more advanced than understanding elegance,” he watched. “I really wanted to design a handbag which will be a blend of a market basket with an urban polish. In simple words an elevated, ordinary and everyday bag. And so the Bancroft Collection was born. But the real puzzle is which one will you choose?”

Furthermore, this couldn’t be all the more true for the new Bancroft collection. This collection is a group of four unusual handbag designs which have been designed using the most beautiful European leather. So let’s have a look at them.


Tote from Bancroft is simply a classic bag. Lined in softened cowhide, with a far-reaching outline, it includes an attentive zip pocket inside which is perfect for adornments and other prized belonging.


This bag is made in Italy. This beautiful bag is specially designed for the fast pace living like late nights, early starts and unconstrained travel. This bag is available in black or desert. The Weekender by Bancroft has the negligible hardware for subtlety and liberal gusseted sides to oblige its “convey all” status.

Medium Satchel

This model is smaller in appearance; the medium travel bag features side gussets which fly out to take all your essentials. This bad is really adaptable in a luxurious way because it is easy to carry in hand with its cleaned handles or from the shoulder through the flexible strap.

Large Satchel

Large Satchel is mainly for everyday use that transmits complexity just because of its versatile outline. It’s the conclusive travel bag because it has a very smooth leather outside, metal hardware embellishments and Italian cotton twill inside it.

Just select the one which suits your personalityand order it from the Michael Kors collection on their official website.

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