Though summer is almost over, your need for sunglasses will remain. In fact, eye doctors say that even when the sky is overcast, your eyes need protection from the harmful rays of the sun. Here are a few you could choose from.

Trendy gold for the diva
Now you can boost your style with Nova’s Adena – white temple framed super stylish sunglasses. With the beautifully crafted shiny gold designs on the frames with brown gradient lenses will definitely add glitz to a simple outfit. This is a must buy for every girl who does not want to accessorize herself with chunky jewelleries this summer but yet would want to invest in something more trendy to accentuate the summer look.

Edgy yet contemporary
These shiny light gold demi brown temple framed Nova sunglasses will compliment your elite, edgy yet contemporary look. These are fit for girls with amazing personalities who love to explore life in a strong manner. They are fit for adventurous activities and have UV protected lenses to protect your eyes from harmful rays.

Leopard print framed sunglasses are a must buy for girls who want to experiment with their looks. The lens which comes in purple gradient creates a dreamy aura by effortlessly creating a stylish look for the girl.

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